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Swing Based Management Browser with...

Swing Based Management Browser : issues


What is JSR77 ?

JSR77 is a standard targeted to manage J2EE servers, part of the J2EE 1.4 specifications. It is an API dedicated to the management and the performance measurement of application servers. For more information, go here.

How do I use it ?

If you want to use the Swing-based version, the J2EE Server you want to connect must has a way to access it remotely (RMI, IIOP, etc). See applications servers FAQ for more details.

Swing Based Management Browser with...

JBoss Server 3.x

Make sure the Management EJB is deployed into the JBoss server. A compliant server must always contains it but who knows.

Copy the jbossall-client.jar (from JBOSS_HOME/client) and the jboss-jmx.jar (from JBOSS_HOME/lib) into the lib/ext directory of the JMX Browser and launch the browser.

If you are using a JDK1.3, copy the jnet.jar, jcert.jar and jsse.jar (from JBOSS_HOME/client) into the lib/ext directory of the JMX Browser and launch the browser.

Another application server.

Well, feeback is welcomed if you don't see your favorite server here.

Swing Based Management Browser : issues

What are the date format supported ?

There are five formats supported :

  • "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss z"
  • "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"
  • "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm"
  • "yyMMdd HH:mm:ss"
  • "yyMMdd HH:mm"

If you need more formats, just fill a feature request.

How do I create an empty graph window ?

You can't create an empty graph window. A window is created when you want to graph a numerical value.

Can I plot numerical values from different servers in the same graph window ?

Yes, it's possible. The graph window doesn't know about one or several servers. The fact is that the MEJB connection name does'nt appear in the numerical value plotted, so if you have two numerical values from two different server with the same name, you won't see any difference except the color.

How is choosed the color for a plotted numerical value ?

It is a simple color rotation. If you think it must be enhanced, post a feature request.