Management Browser


The EJTools Management Browser is a tool which allows to view and interact with a J2EE server which is JSR77 compliant. It provides the following features :

  • remote connections via RMI
  • a hierarchical view of the JSR77 domains
  • update/refresh the attributes of the Managed Objects
  • invoke the operations of the Managed Objects
  • manage the state of the State Manageable Managed Objects
  • registration/handle the notifications of the Event Provider Managed Objects
  • view/graph the statistics of the Statistics Provider Managed Objects
  • support for Vendor Specific Managed Objects


Here are the features available :

Feature Swing based
Management Domain tree view Yes
Managed Object attributes view Yes
Managed Object attribute update Yes
Managed Object operation invocation Yes
Managed Object notification registration Yes
Managed Object notification handle Yes
Managed Object statistics consultation Yes
Managed Object statistics graph Yes
Vendor specific extension support Yes