J2EE Icons


To customize the display of the applications, EJTools provides a serie of icons. Some are copies of existing icons (mainly from Java TM Look and Feel Graphics Repository ) and some are new.

File File Cascade Windows Tile Windows Maximize Windows
EJB Servlet J2EE Server J2EE Domain JVM J2EE Module J2EE Application JNDI Resource RMI/IIOP Resource JavaMail Resource URL Resource EJB Module Web Module Application Client Module Resource Adapter Resource Adapter Module JDBC Resource JDBC DataSource JDBC Driver JMS Resource JMS Queue JMS Topic


Name : File
Description : File
Icons : File 16x16 File 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ File16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ File24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : Folder
Description : File
Icons : File 16x16 File 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ Folder16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ Folder24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : CascadeWindows
Description : Cascade Windows
Icons : Cascade Windows 16x16 Cascade Windows 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ CascadeWindows16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ CascadeWindows24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : TileWindows
Description : Tile Windows
Icons : Tile Windows 16x16 Tile Windows 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ TileWindows16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ TileWindows24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : MaximizeWindows
Description : Maximize Windows
Icons : Maximize Windows 16x16 Maximize Windows 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ MaximizeWindows16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/general/ MaximizeWindows24.gif
Notes : Created


Name : EJB
Description : EJB
Icons : EJB 16x16 EJB 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ EJB16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ EJB24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (EnterpriseJavaBean)

Name : Servlet
Description : Servlet
Icons : Servlet 16x16 Servlet 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ Servlet16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ Servlet24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (WebComponent)

Name : J2EEServer
Description : J2EE Server
Icons : J2EE Server 16x16 J2EE Server 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEServer16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEServer24.gif
Notes : Provided by the JGLFR 1.0

Name : J2EEDomain
Description : J2EE Domain
Icons : J2EE Domain 16x16 J2EE Domain 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEDomain16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEDomain24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JVM
Description : JVM
Icons : JVM 16x16 JVM 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JVM16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JVM24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : J2EEModule
Description : J2EE Module
Icons : J2EE Module 16x16 J2EE Module 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEModule16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEModule24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : J2EEApplication
Description : J2EE Application
Icons : J2EE Application 16x16 J2EE Application 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEApplication16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ J2EEApplication24.gif
Notes : Provided by the JGLFR 1.0

Name : JNDIResource
Description : JNDI Resource
Icons : JNDI Resource 16x16 JNDI Resource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JNDIResource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JNDIResource24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (Find)

Name : RMI_IIOPResource
Description : RMI/IIOP Resource
Icons : RMI/IIOP Resource 16x16 RMI/IIOP Resource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ RMI_IIOPResource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ RMI_IIOPResource24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JavaMailResource
Description : JavaMail Resource
Icons : JavaMail Resource 16x16 JavaMail Resource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JavaMailResource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JavaMailResource24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : URLResource
Description : URL Resource
Icons : URL Resource 16x16 URL Resource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ URLResource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ URLResource24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (Bookmark)

Name : EJBModule
Description : EJB Module
Icons : EJB Module 16x16 EJB Module 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ EJBModule16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ EJBModule24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (EnterpriseJavaBeanJar)

Name : WebModule
Description : Web Module
Icons : Web Module 16x16 Web Module 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ WebModule16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ WebModule24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (War)

Name : AppClientModule
Description : Application Client Module
Icons : Application Client Module 16x16 Application Client Module 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ AppClientModule16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ AppClientModule24.gif
Notes : Copy from the JGLFR 1.0 (J2EEApplicationClient)

Name : ResourceAdapter
Description : Resource Adapter
Icons : Resource Adapter 16x16 Resource Adapter 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ ResourceAdapter16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ ResourceAdapter24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : ResourceAdapterModule
Description : Resource Adapter Module
Icons : Resource Adapter Module 16x16 Resource Adapter Module 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ ResourceAdapterModule16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ ResourceAdapterModule24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JDBCResource
Description : JDBC Resource
Icons : JDBC Resource 16x16 JDBC Resource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JDBCResource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JDBCResource24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JDBCDataSource
Description : JDBC DataSource
Icons : JDBC DataSource 16x16 JDBC DataSource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JDBCDataSource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JDBCDataSource24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JDBCDriver
Description : JDBC Driver
Icons : JDBC Driver 16x16 JDBC Driver 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JDBCDriver16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JDBCDriver24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JMSResource
Description : JMS Resource
Icons : JMS Resource 16x16 JMS Resource 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JMSResource16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JMSResource24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JMSQueue
Description : JMS Queue
Icons : JMS Queue 16x16 JMS Queue 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JMSQueue16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JMSQueue24.gif
Notes : Created

Name : JMSTopic
Description : JMS Topic
Icons : JMS Topic 16x16 JMS Topic 24x24
Resources : toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JMSTopic16.gif

toolbarButtonGraphics/development/ JMSTopic24.gif
Notes : Created