JMX Browser


The EJTools JMX Browser is a tool which allows to view and interact with the JMX space in a JMX compatible implementation. It provides the following features :

  • remote connections via RMI/IIOP/others (Swing-based)
  • local connection (Web-based)
  • a hierarchical view of the domains and the mbeans
  • access to the attributes, the operations and the notifications
  • attribute plotting

The EJTools JMX Browser comes in two flavors :

  • A Swing-based application, that can be connect remotly to interact with the JMX server/implementation.
  • A Web-based application, that can be run in any J2EE 1.3 Web stack. It provides an easy way interact with the JMX server.


Here are the features available :

Feature Swing based Web based
JMX server tree view Yes Yes
MBean Constructors detail Yes Yes
MBean Constructor invocation Yes Yes
MBean Notifications detail Yes Yes
MBean Notification registration/reception Yes Yes
MBean Attributes detail Yes Yes
MBean Attribute update Yes Yes
MBean Attribute graph Yes
MBean Operations detail Yes Yes
MBean Operation invocation Yes Yes
MBean search by ObjectName Yes
MBean search by Attribute Yes
Custom View Yes