New releases (2003-12-27)

New release of the three applications are now available. See the donwload page for details.

Nightly snapshot available (2003-08-05)

A nightly snapshot of the code base is available here .

Maintenance release of the JNDI Browser (2003-08-05)

The new release of JMX Browser is out. It runs now on both JBoss 3.0.x and JBoss 3.2.x series without exception.

Maintenance release of the JMX Browser (2003-04-05)

The new release of JMX Browser is out. It corrects minor UI bugs. See release notes for details.

Preview release of the Management Browser (2003-03-18)

The Management Browser has been released for preview. Some things are poorly designed but it aimed to get feedback on what way it could go.

Build system (2003-03-03)

The build system is in its third evolution. The choice has been made to switch to the Maven build system.

Currently, all the libraries and the applications are builded by Maven. The website is not fully converted and the projects reports are not generated.

See the README file to successfully build the project with Maven.