Details on the JNDI Browser


Before diving into the structure, make sure that these two major points are well-known :

  • The JavaBeans and JavaBean Context API. The JMX Browser is heavily based on a hierarchic JavaBean model, that access the external resources via BeanContext services. For more informations about JavaBean and the Glasgow specifications, click here .
  • The JNDI API. . For more informations about JNDI API, click here .

The BeanContext Model

The JNDI Browser takes a snapshot of the JNDI Server structure by build a JavaBean hierarchy that mirrors the JNDI space as illustrated by the following graphic :

JNDI to BeanContext

One service is available for the children of the BeanContext Container :

  • Connection Service that hides the JNDI Server calls.
Every nested JavaBean can access this service to use it. The BeanContext Container is also responsible to locate any required context by its binding name.